Quality of Health is Quality of Life


Personalized Preventive Dentistry

“Minimum amount of treatment in a lifetime”

Biology Aesthetics Function Character + Airways (B.A.F.C.+A.)

“The success in preserving health is measured through the amount of treatment Prevented and Doctor visits spared.” Dr-medic stom., D.D.S. (USA) Costin Marinescu

The B.A.F.C.+A. protocol is designed to assess and profile the level of chronic inflammation in the body and the status of both exhaustion and compensatory mechanisms of the immune system. In other words, we identify what is ageing you faster and based on this profile you can take action in a much more efficient and decisive way. Ageing is inevitable, but it can be considerably slowed down by managing Inflammaging (subclinical inflammatory readiness). Stress, inadequate nutrition, oral and gut microbiome imbalances are the major determinants of Inflammaging. Premature ageing is a consequence of inflammaging, and it comes along with immune senescence, which translates into the development of autoimmune diseases.

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